“Path to the Future”, Kappa History Book

Il 24 maggio scorso, presso lo store “The Corner” di Tokyo, Kappa China e Kappa Japan hanno presentato il libro “Kappa History Book, Path to the Future”, un viaggio, come recita il comunicato stampa apparso su BasicPress, “nella storia del marchio degli Omini, dalle prime sponsorizzazioni sportive alle recenti co-lab con i più importanti marchi internazionali di moda e life-style”.  Le operazioni che hanno portato alla pubblicazione del testo (coordinate da Cecilia Botta e dallo staff di BasicGallery) hanno visto la condivisione di gruppi di lavoro dislocati a New York/Torino, Pechino e Tokyo, e in un libro che tratta delle grandi collaborazioni tecniche intessute negli anni dal brand torinese dei “due omini” non poteva di certo mancare un importante spazio riservato alla Juventus. Al riguardo, come già avvenuto per i “meeting” di Parigi e di Miami dello scorso anno, anche Cameretta Bianconera, coinvolta dallo staff di Basic Gallery, ha fatto la sua parte. Oltre alla consulenza per la scelta del materiale della Juventus da condividere nelle pagine del libro abbiamo anche avuto modo, intervistati dallo staff del magazine “Prodism Japan”, di prendere parte agli “interventi” ospitati nel Kappa History Book. Con grande soddisfazione condividiamo qui, oltre ad alcune immagini del libro, la nostra intervista inserita nel Kappa History Book.

VOICE OF CREATION from TORINO: 05 [P. 36-40]


 “The blood running through my veins is white and black”

– You are an accomplished musician, as well as a big fan of the Juventus soccer team, who are well known for their black and white uniforms. What is your relationship with Kappa?

Mario Stefano Tonda (M) In 2018 in Paris and Miami, I worked with the BasicNet staff as a “jersey adviser” on the “Kappa, the Champion’s Jersey” on the Art vs Music event. We chose about 15 archival uniforms by Kappa and exhibited them as art pieces. I was also involved in producing the catalog for exhibit.

– What was your relationship to Kappa before that?

M I have been a Juventus fan ever since childhood, so I’ve been connected to Kappa almost my life. Unfortunately, a different brand is now sponsoring Juventus, but during my youth, Kappa made all of the Juventus kit. That’s why Kappa is an integral part of my life!

– Are most people from Torino fans of Juventus?

M What a silly question! Actually, there is another team in Torino (Torino FC), so not everyone from here is a Juventus fan, but most of the people around me are “bianconeri” (nickname of Juventus supporters). My blog Cameretta Bianconera, is all about Juventus related jerseys and apparel. I focus on the partnership between Juventus and Robe di Kappa which makes my blog quite unique.

– Have you done any other work with Kappa?

M This is not directly related to Kappa, but I am putting together a book about Luciano Antonino, who cofounded Football Sport Merchandise with Marco Boglione. I have to do a lot of research about Juventus for this project, so it’s perfect for me.

– Can you tell us more about the “Kappa, the Champions’ Jersey” exhibit?

M We chose about 15 uniforms made by Kappa that symbolized the history and glory days of the brand. For the Paris show, we chose uniforms that were worn by famous players in the past. The Miami show was broader and we chose uniforms with cool designs from a fashion perspective.

– Being a musician, what made you such a passionate Juventus fan?

M My father and mother were Juventus fanatics, so I was influenced by them. I was born in 1977, and Kappa became the sponsor of Juventus in 1978, so for my generation, Juventus was synonymous with Kappa. I was born in the suburbs of Torino, so everyone around me were Juventus fans. The color of the blood in our veins is “bianconero” (white and black)!

– Looking back, do you have any memorable episodes related to both Kappa and Juventus?

M These days it is common for a sports brand to sponsor a club team. But it all started when Maurizio Vitale negotiated with the then Juventus chairman Giampiero Boniperti, and said that Juventus should use Kappa uniforms even if we have to pay them. There is another episode that left a strong impression on me, that showed the close relationship between Kappa and Juventus. When I was a child used to go to skiing in Sestriere, an alpine resort close to Torino, also known for hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2006. Well, I remember that in the mid-70s Kappa’s “omini” logo was featured as advertising on the cable cars of the ski-lift, and I thought it was advertising for “my” Juventus. To me Kappa and Juventus were the same thing. The relationship between Kappa and Juventus continued until 2000, so the golden era for these two brands was during my youth.

– Are there uniforms made by Kappa for other teams that you like?

M I really like the kit worn by SSC Napoli during the 2018-19 UEFA Champions League. The blue colorway with the yellow number on the back is a brilliant combination. This uniform utilizes the kombat stretch fabric, which is something that Kappa is known for. The tight silhouette with the extreme flexibility of the high tech fabric is very much a part of Kappa’s brand identity. The design of Torino FC’s current kit is awesome. Honestly it makes me a little jealous though.

– What do you hope to see from Kappa in the future?

M I hope that Kappa continues to release fresh products, and make headlines not only in soccer, but other sports, and even at fashion shows. Kappa’s designs are very stylish in an Italian way, and they stand test of time.

Mario Stefano Tonda is an Italian musician and a great fan of Juventus, the black and white clad football team of his hometown, Turin. He plays harpsichord and fortepiano as a soloist and with ensembles and orchestras alla over the world (Europe, Usa, Asia), and as a Juventus supporter he created Cameretta Bianconera, a blog with insights on Juventus.